I really want the woot shirt from today but the insurance hasn’t paid me back and I have my mortgage payment coming up.

boo to insurance companies — especially mine! (DON’T USE HOMEOWNER’S CHOICE)

Chicken is in the oven….

I’m not following the cooking instructions (I am cooking it in another way).  Here’s hoping it is still good.

Whenever I am doing a better job at eating healthy, I like to look up the health benefits of pretty much everything I am eating.

"After some 30 years of [analyzing teaching], I have concluded that classroom teaching—particularly at the elementary and secondary levels—is perhaps the most complex, most challenging, and most demanding, subtle, nuanced, and frightening activity that our species has ever invented. In fact, when I compared the complexity of teaching with that much more highly rewarded profession, “doing medicine,” I concluded that the only time medicine even approaches the complexity of an average day of classroom teaching is in an emergency room during a natural disaster. When 30 patients want your attention at the same time, only then do you approach the complexity of the average classroom on an average day."

The wisdom of practice: essays on teaching, learning and learning to teach Lee S. Shulman (via luckyseventeen)

I made a mojito marinade from scratch tonight.  It tastes good!  I hope my chicken tomorrow meets my expectations.  Super impressed with myself.

Ok, I made a plan, but it might not actually happen.

I went through a bunch of my Woman’s Day (and the like) magazines to tear out recipes that I might actually want to try some day.  Like old school pinterest.  I’m going to try to either scan or type them up to save them in a file so that I don’t have loose magazine clippings everywhere.

I’m taking the magazines to school to put in my art center.  The kids love cutting magazines and I’m running low on stuff there.

Anyways, should I actually follow this plan, let me know if you are interested in any of the recipes and if I actually do scan/type that recipe up, I’ll e-mail it to you.

  1. Zesty beef tacos
  2. Guinness Beef Stew
  3. Arugula, steak and crispy potato salad with lemony vinaigrette 
  4. Grilled Vegetable Salad with couscous and herb pesto
  5. Asian marinated pork salad
  6. Provolone and arugula stuffed flank steak
  7. BBQ glazed pork with green rice
  8. Pasta with balsamic onions and spinach
  9. Spiced pork chops with pineapple-cilantro rice
  10. Fish with gingery cucumber salad
  11. Seared chicken with creamy spinach and artichokes
  12. Crunchy fish sticks and veggies with dipping sauce
  13. Triple-chocolate peppermint dirt cake
  14. Steak and onion fajitas 
  15. Chipotle Tomato Beef tacos
  16. Orange roasted potatoes, carrots and asparagus
  17. Brown butter tortellini with toasted garlic and asparagus
  18. Chili steak with tomato and jalapeno salad
  19. Apricot and spice glazed ham
  20. Pulled pork sliders with romaine slaw
  21. Strawberry-banana bread
  22. Lamb souvlaki
  23. Several fancy grilled cheese recipes
  24. Sticky plum upside down cake
  25. St. Louis Style baby-back ribs
  26. Roasted Salmon, green beans and tomatoes