Today, I woke up with a ridiculously strong cold. Realizing that I was done with APs, Mike’s prom, and the Spring Concert, I instantly became very grateful that I was sick at this moment instead of at/during those aforementioned events.

While I was laying on the couch, covered in blankets, my parents asked if I wanted to go to a yard sale with them. I croaked out “no” as they left me to spend my Saturday morning lounging on the couch, watching Mulan.

Then, they came home and told me that they had a surprise for me as they pulled out all of these books. They said that they went near the end of the yard sale and that they got all of these books for FREE. Swag.

So now I already have a collection of education-related texts even though I haven’t even started my undergrad yet. Nice.

Strategies That Work is excellent.