Ed.gov Blog: Answering the Essential Student Question: Why Do We Need to Learn This?

As my career as an educator continues, I find myself more and more frequently taking time to reflect on the ever-present “why do we need to know this” question with my students.  And you know what?  I NEVER tell them it’s because you’ll need to know this for a question on the April state tests.  What do they care about state tests?

Why should we learn about the oceans?  Because they feed about 600,000,000 people every day, regulate climate, cycle the nutrients you need to stay alive, and they provide a source of mineral wealth  a vital shipping link.  On top of that, the ocean provides water to sail, on, makes waves to surf, and are endlessly beautiful and inspiring!

We are required by law to teach the standards; but let’s not lose sight of our real task, to inspire, encourage, support, care for, and help mold a citizenry of thoughtful, compassionate, hopeful, caring people.

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