I was observed today, for the last time this year!

Most of my observations were unannounced, which wouldn’t have stressed me out too much because I am the type that over-prepares / plans.  I’m a flexible teacher, but I think having solid ground to stand off of makes for an overall better lesson.  Also, less chance of behavior issues (which, incidentally, I’ve had 2 all year).  However, in my position, I have to work almost the entire staff at my school to plan lessons and activities.  Most teachers give me the skill or topic, and then I come up with something magical todays.  Others say, read this, or do this worksheet.  Some teachers are terrible about giving me the info in advance and sometimes I literally get it when I pick up the kids.  Since I never know when I am going to be observed, that really makes me nervous.

Today my supervisor came while I was working with two struggling readers.  We were continuing a Reader’s Theater lesson today — which they love doing, and I love teaching.  We reviewed their homework, corrected misunderstandings, and talked about different contexts we might hear or use the words that I had assigned for homework.  Then we reread the pages that we had read yesterday, and went back and read sentences that they struggled with in order to read them more fluently and with expression (I find expression is pretty important to comprehension, and it also makes my students eager to do the Reader’s Theater text).  Then we discussed how the vocab was used, and I asked some comprehension questions.  Finally we read the third page of the play, and corrected reading errors.  I assigned rereading the pages we have already done for homework.  The only thing I didn’t do was have the girls self-assess themselves, but I do try to make Reader’s Theater a less pressure activity.  I really fear with the reading struggles that they have and that they have to spend most days using a remedial reading program that they will lose interest in reading completely.  Right now, they look forward to and request reader’s theater.  They enjoy it and feel successful with it even if they stumble on a lot of words the first read through.  I’d much rather have them access themselves after we’ve read it a few times and they’ve had the chance to be able to read the text with better fluency.