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You asked some excellent questions regarding teaching, current events in Ferguson, and race.   Similar questions that have been rolling in my mind since Treyvon Martin was killed and recent unarmed people of color being killed by police.  I’ve been rolling it around in my head all evening since I saw I was tagged in your post.  I can’t write an adequate response right now because it was the third day of school and 4 kids were sad (but fine on Monday and Tuesday) and decided today was the day to cry all day.

So someone, please remind me to post about it on the weekend.

That said, when I do post, it is only as a reflection on what I can do as a white teacher of children of color and perhaps a search to do better.

I’ve always struggled with what the role I should play in general in racial matters, as obviously, I am for the fair and compassionate treatment of all races, genders, and religions.  But at the same time do not want to speak for or over a group of marginalized people.

Someone recently said on Tumblr (and I forget who it was, sorry) that the role of a Ally is to be a microphone rather than a speaker for a group of people being attacked, mistreated, etc.   

In that light, I post to tumblr (reblogs) and facebook news stories and blog posts on these issues — particularly when written by people from these groups — in order to spread the word. 

I can only encourage you (my readers) to do the same.

Daycare owner saves life of 4-year-old found in storm rubble

"She never left her side, she protected her," said Willie Mitchell.

Ashtyn remains in the ICU at Blair Batson Children’s hospital. She’s improving, but she suffered multiple bruises, a broken leg, and liver damage.

"Ima be forever grateful to her forever because she gave the ultimate sacrifice so my baby could live," said Mitchell. "She gave her life for Ashtyn.

"A judge last week allowed 11 teens and their parents to become third-party defendants, a novel ruling that could have broader consequences when bullying is litigated. The judge and lawyers say it’s the first time a New Jersey judge has been asked by a school district to add students as defendants in a bullying case.

“As difficult as it is for my client, we’re very pleased with the message that the decision sends,” said Brian Cige, a lawyer for the now-18-year-old plaintiff identified in court documents only by his initial, V.B. “There needs to be personal responsibility for both kids and their parents for their behavior.”


NJ schools can bring alleged bullies into lawsuit - Education Week


Thousands of young illegal immigrants waited in long lines yesterday for the chance to remain legally in the U.S. for the next two years.

Obama signed an executive order in June allowing the children of illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. before turning 16 and are now under the age of 31 to come out of the shadows and apply for the temporary legal status.

After coming to America 12 years ago at the age of 10, Abel Gomez has already received his GED in New York, and hopes to go on to college in the U.S. to study accounting.

“I’m so excited,” Gomez, 22, told The Daily at the Mexican consulate in New York City. “It’s the opportunity that a lot of people are waiting for.”