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Vocaroo - free way to make voice recordings.

omeone asked me yesterday if I knew of a simple voice recording service to replace the one that offered before announcing their shut down. Vocaroo could be a good replacement for the voice recording service. 

Vocaroo is a free service that allows users to create audio recordings without the need to install any software. You don’t even have to create an account to use Vocaroo. All you need to provide is a microphone. I used the microphone built into my MacBook to make the recording below. To create a recording just go to, click record, grant Vocaroo access to your mic, and start talking. After completing your recording, Vocaroo gives you the choice to publish it or to scrap it and try again.

This could be an excellent tool for my students that need their tests read to them, but do not come to see me enough for them to take all their tests with me.

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