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Classroom Library


I met with my principal, AP, and a few others at my new school today. More than anything else, they encouraged me to start building my classroom library. They suggested the Scholastic Warehouse (there’s one really close to me) as a way to get books at a very reduced price. I’m getting a little overwhelmed, because while I know that my principal in no way expects me to have a classroom library that’s equivalent to a master teacher’s, I want to provide my students with a well-maintained and well-stocked classroom library. Though I am not starting off with absolutely nothing (I collected some books throughout college), I in no way am prepared for a complete classroom library.

How did you start and build up your classroom library? Likewise, how did you organize it?

Garage sales, scholastic warehouse sales, e-bay (lot purchases), the store from Half-Priced Books, an amazon wish-list posted on Tumblr and facebook, library sales, free cycles, better world books (great website for used books), and just generally asking people if they want to unload anything on me.

I use foil stickers to organize my books (they are also numbered on the inside cover so I can keep track of authors, book titles, and who has checked out what).

Red star (with scotch tape over it for it so it doesn’t fall off) are books I use for specific lessons or are special to me.  Depending on the class they either stay on my teacher book shelf and never go home with students, or are on the book shelves for students but just don’t go home.

Green Star - Science

Blue - Social Studies

Silver - Reference / I Spy / Where’s Waldo

Gold - General Books

Smiley faces - Character books (Clifford, Elmo, Dora, Arthur, etc.)

Hands - Social Skills / Emotion books

Letter sticker - Alphabet book

Number - Anthology