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The newest additions to my classroom.  My bulletin board is starting out as a “Tumblr” board, just no one knows that, except me, haha.  All images are ones I’ve spotted on Tumblr and saved to my likes.  There’s some of my favorite things (Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Jason Mraz), some things that are a bit inspirational, and a few educational images.

I’ve recreated the Writing Process station idea that has circulated Tumblr and Pinterest—I’ll let you know how it works out through the semester.

And one of my co-workers moonlights at a department store.  They remodeled and had some framed cork left over.  He gave me a couple of sheets and I covered it in fabric and labeled a section for each class I teach.  I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with it, but I’m thinking of having kids post questions they might have for me each day.