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Well before I head to bed, let me try to explain how much I love my job in a totally selfish manner.

I am self-conscious about how I look.   I am even more self-conscious when I am not feeling well (or my house is like 90 degrees inside and moving the slightest makes me think I am dying), but since I am all by myself here, I have to go run my errands looking awful anyways.

I went to Walmart tonight after being away from Florida for over a month.  I heard my name screamed, had children running to me, and hugs from at least 8 families. So much joy in their faces just to see me.  

I spend much of my time trying to instill in my students self-worth that isn’t based looks or being perfect.  It is important to me to develop relationships with my students and their families and to let them know they are important and special to me.

Today, I got all that returned to me ten-fold.  And no one noticed how awful I looked, not even the parents who were also genuinely happy to see me.

I’m a very lucky gal.