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Following my progress with exercise and diet? Jazzercise has a groupon right now.

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It is worth calling your local place before buying, because sometimes certain clubs offer sweet deals for new members.  You can check out where and when jazzercise classes are held near you right here.

To check back in on how I am doing diet-wise,

I am pretty much maintaining at this point, but due to travel and injury have been unable to exercise.

In reviewing what I think is working for me I’ve figured out three key factors as far as food goes for me.

1. No added sugar fudgsicles are allowed even on Phase 1.  Gotta have my chocolate some how.  No more than 2 a day, but that is just enough.

2. Marinades.  I love condiments with my dinner, but those are a no-go with South Beach.  I’ve found some awesome marinades that go above and beyond what condiments do for me.

3. Celery and spicy hummus.  Best snack ever.

Welp, I am never cheating on South Beach diet.

Two days with cheats and I went up.

Although, to my defense, I injured my foot and also didn’t go to Jazzercise for a few days.

Back on the bandwagon. 

manzanas said: Thanks! Want to share fave recipes?! Sorry I’m asking for a ton of info! South Beach seems so sensible and yet I am so lazy. Congrats again for sticking with it!

So, I’d be happy to post two of the recipes from the SB Diet book that I really enjoyed and were fairly easy.  Just wondering…. does posting two entire recipes (while giving credit) violate copy right laws?

In the meantime, hummus from the store is a go (as long as it isn’t sweetened in some way).  I ate a lot of streak cooked up with onions and green, red, and yellow peppers cooked in Extra Virgin Olive oil.  Turkey and lettuce wraps — you can use any recipes for sauce to add that don’t add sugar (or products with sugar) and reduced fat mayo.  There’s at least one recipe like that in the SB book, but I ate them plain.

Also, I bought those vegetable steamers and would eat like half a bag by myself with lunch.

Congrats! I’d love to do Phase 1 but always crap out… I look for day-by-day eating guides but everything seems unrealistic. What did you usually eat day by day?

I didn’t follow the day by day menus.  I followed the list of what I could and could not eat and picked out phase 1 recipes that I did like and used my fitness pal to make sure I was eating enough.

ie: omlette for most breakfasts, turkey lettuce wraps for lunch, one of the recipes from the book for dinner, cheese sticks, broccoli, asparagus, and no sugar added fudgsicles (which I found out I could have 4 days in and I it is what saved me …. no more than 2 a day though).

South Beach Diet Phase 1 Day 14

Today is my last day of Phase 1!!!!!  Tomorrow I can have strawberries!  And wine!  And whole wheat bread!

Also, the results of these two weeks have been so great that I actually feel like getting down to a healthy weight is possible for the first time since my foot surgery about 5 years ago.  

I dropped more than I expected and went down a pants size.  I have to slowly introduce healthy carbs and fats and fruits and monitor cravings to find out what works for me, but I think I can actually pull this off.

I will also say I’ve been going to jazzercise at least twice a week in addition to the light exercise I try to do daily.  That has also paid a big role in this.  Jazzercise is hard, hard, hard work.  But it works all of my muscles, I can adjust it as I need to, and I know no one there so I don’t care how many of the moves I mess up.

Thanks for your continued support Tumblr!

nerdismysuperpower asked:

I could google this, I know, but what are the basics of the diet you're following? Are you allowed to have any cheats? Asking because my husband and I are thinking about starting something. Was this an easy plan for you to start? We are big time sweet-fiends so it would be hard for us to cut them out completely forever.

I am doing the South Beach Diet.  There are 3 phases.  Phase 1 only lasts 2 weeks and is meant to curb your sugar cravings by basically resetting your body and your insulin usage/response.  This stage you will rapidly lose weight, particularly in your belly.   This stage consists of no carbs (no breads, no rice, no pasta, etc), limited fat (some cheeses are ok, olive oil and canola oil are ok), and very lean meats.  There are some deserts that you can make that are in any of the South Beach Diet books that you can have.  They are made with artificial sweetners, so I could not have them because they are migraine triggers for me.

Phase 2 you reintroduce healthy carbs, fats, and sweet food (fruit).  You can have wine on phase 2.  You stay on this phase until you’ve reached your goal weight. 

Phase 3 is basically now you take it as a lifestyle so you are able to maintain your weight.  More foods are introduced here.

There’s no cheats “allowed” exactly, but the book does admit that there are exceptions to the rule.  For me, I’ve decided once I am done with Phase 1, I can have a cheat or two on Fridays only.  I wouldn’t recommend cheating at all on Phase 1 because it won’t allow your body to reset and you won’t see the results you want.

As with any diet, the more you cheat, the less successful you will be.  I bought a couple of the South Beach Diet books off of  used for $3.98 each with free shipping.  You can also get them out from the library.  The recipes from these books I have used turned out actually to be so delicious that even though I miss my snacks, my actual cravings have gone down and I have never felt hungry.

 I will note that this means a lot more cooking because you can’t have most processed foods.

hi :) I REALLY love your blog. I know it is your blog, so do whatever you choose :) I was just wondering if maybe you could tag posts with diet/weightloss with something like #diet or something (which you do sometimes) for ppl with ED ^_^

I do my best with this for that very reason.  I have tagged ALL of the weight loss posts with South Beach diet or diet.  There’s not one I have missed. The last post about jazzercise was a hyperbole about how much sweating I thought I did during the class.  I will continue to do my best to tag the posts, but I am human and fully capable of mistakes. I understand how that post could have been a trigger for someone, and I’ve edited the tags but weight loss wasn’t the topic I was trying to write about.  

I am getting a lot of encouragement in my efforts from the tumblr community which has surprised me by how much it has helped.  I am technically obese and following my doctor’s recommendations in regards to this.  For my own health reasons I am going to do what I need to do to keep my motivation going.  I’ll understand if you or any other followers need to unfollow me for your own health reasons.

I say all this in the friendliest of tones, which can be hard to read over the internet.  I give you mad props for speaking up.