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South Beach Diet

So tomorrow I am attempting to start the South Beach Diet for real.   I tried once before but then a few days later my flood hit and any plans I had for dieting hit the fan when I had to move out of my house for almost 2 months.

Phase 1 is very restrictive and I know that the hardest part for me will be my sweet tooth.   The sweets allowed in Phase 1 are all sugar free items.  I can’t eat foods with artificial sweeteners because they trigger my migraines.

Phase 1 only lasts two weeks, and I knew I would do better with it if I did it while I am in Ohio.  I don’t have regular access to a car here, so temptations of running out to get fast food are curbed.  Also, my mom is gently encouraging and I think that will help.

The list for Phase 2 will be much easier for me, so I am looking forward to that.

I’ll be blocking some tags for a few weeks just to make it a little easier on myself.