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Obama is discussing schools that use a 3 yr high school format with a possible two years to get an associate’s degree added on with internships.

This way students get “real world work experience” before finishing school.   This is in answer to a question about students choosing career paths as teenagers, and then realizing after college that their degree actually has nothing to do with what they really want to do in life.

#education and other readers’ thoughts to such a format?

Idaho Statesman: Idaho lawmakers to decide on science requirement

BOISE, Idaho — State lawmakers will have final say in whether Idaho scraps a requirement that high school students pass standardized tests in science before they graduate.

A plan to dump the requirement is set to go before the 2011 Idaho Legislature, which convenes in January.

Public schools chief Tom Luna says science classes vary from district to district and students are only tested twice - in the 5th- and 7th-grades - before it really counts.

Luna’s office confirmed that the state Board of Education last week approved removal of the science test as a graduation requirement, starting with the class of 2013. Luna’s department was directed to create end-of-course assessments in science that students will have to pass to graduate.