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NPR: Henrietta Lacks Receives Honorary Degree

Henrietta Lacks was a poor African-American woman with cervical cancer. Doctors took her cells without her knowledge and used them for research. And they’ve been used in tens of thousands of research studies. Now nearly 60 years after her death, Morgan State University in Baltimore has awarded her an honorary degree. Michele Norris and Robert Siegel have more.

I remember seeing a special about her on t.v. where they also talked to some of her relatives.  I wish I could remember what show it was on.

There’s a book on her and what her cells have done for science and our health — and the racism her life and story has felt.  It is called the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.  I’ve been wanting to read it, but just haven’t gotten to it yet.

StoryLine Online: Have Celebrities Read Favorite Children's Books

This site is presented by the Screen Actor’s Guild Foundation.  It streams videos with SAG members reading children’s books.  Some of the stories include Harry the Dirty Dog, To Be a Dog, Thank You Mr. Faulker, Stellaluna, A Bad Case of Stripes, The Polar Express, and Enemy Pie (Others are featured).  Some of the SAG members are Al Gore, Haylie Duff, Betty White, and Amanda Bynes.  Heck — I just might need a bedtime story tonight!