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Why I teach:

  • The day J. finally came to school without things in his pocket.  Oh, how we celebrated.
  • The day M. realized a black man was running for president, and that meant HE could be president.
  • The first time G. sounded out a word, and we ran and showed every teacher in the building.
  • When I didn’t feel well and K. told me to make sure I ate broccoli and carrots.
  • The field trip, when my class collectively stopped on their own, to dance to the steel drum music.
  • Watching Obama’s inauguration with my class, and they looked to me during every period of clapping so I could explain what was being said.  That these little kiddos gave up their recess to continue watching.
  • Hugs.
  • When A. connected what we were learning in math, to fantasy football.
  • When B. stood up to a 6th grader for picking on her friend, used her words, and got a teacher.
  • The first time M. read a book to her mom.
  • The time I had to buy the groceries for L.’s family
  • The look on T.’s face when I bought him some school pants that actually fit him.
  • Counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s while exercising.
  • Jump Rope songs.
  • Making boats and studying why they sank or floated
  • When my students wanted to write letters to thank Rosa Parks
  • When R. said he kicked butt at math, and to “bring it on”
  • When my class beat the rest of the school in their martial arts tournament — and we were the youngest
  • Y’s face when I really showed up at his basketball game, even though his dad did not
  • Making sure H got the accommodations that were appropriate for his disabilities
  • When my students learned that yes, they did live in Ohio, even though the name of their city was different
  • Students at-risk of joining gangs, coming to my room in the morning to ask for advice, students that were never in my class
  • The pride my students feel when we celebrate their progress

and so much more.

What’s on your list?