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elviajedelaesperanza asked:

what would be your pro tips for meeting people in a new...let's be nice and call it a "city"?

Well, I never actually have the energy to do this, but there are some good meetup groups in my area. is a national site this is all about meeting new people with the same interests as you.  For example, there’s wine groups, Euchre groups, Happy Hour Groups, Active Young People groups.  If I had more time, I’d do those.

Also, I live on a street with mostly old people.  And while I do enjoy the ones that don’t religiously watch Fox news, I did need to meet people my own age.  When one of them mentioned that there was another young person in our development, I asked the neighbor if he could ask the young person if it would be ok to give their number to me.  I called the young person and now we are good friends.

I also noticed which teachers were more social with other teachers outside of work.  I also spent some time observing whether or not they were nice people.  Then I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and made a point to be extra outgoing and mention I didn’t know a lot of people in the area and needed to be out with people my own age.  Then I started making my own plans to do stuff and invited people from work that I had said this to, and they all ended up coming.  And I keep inviting them to things, and now I get invited to things.  Cards Against Humanity has been featured at at least 2 of my gatherings.  It went over well.

Also, when the opportunity presented itself, I joined a softball team.  It was a co-ed league and not very competitive, so I met a lot of people.  We didn’t have a team the following year, but because of that team I became better friends with someone I knew in passing.

I work at a school with high turn-over rates because of the location and the school grade (which just went up 2 grades), and high poverty (our state is merit based now).  So I go out of my way to talk to the new people at our school, especially if they moved here from out of state.  I share a pod with a girl who moved here from Ohio last year and we are very close.  She was moved to our team about a month into school, and I think it may have helped her some that we had already met and talked a few times.  Also, the teachers I see that go out of their way for our kids I do everything I can to help them and support them so they do well at our school and want to stay because I want my kids to continue to have great teachers.