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This is a photograph from my college and the window where the guy is straddling the windowsill is my old dorm room.  I am trying to find the original spot its posted on the school website to give it proper credit.

This is a photograph from my college and the window where the guy is straddling the windowsill is my old dorm room.  I am trying to find the original spot its posted on the school website to give it proper credit.

Still fighting with insurance to repay me for repairs from flood in February.  Going around the ringer with paper work crud.  Maytag won’t honor 12 yr warranty on a/c with broken air compressor thingie that should have been insured until 2020.   But, new owner.  Damn you, insure your product not the owner.

I have no monies.  

Also, bonus money from school grade going up seems to be going to mostly taxes b/c it is taxed at a higher rate.

Where is the part where things go right?

Friends, family remember beloved teacher Maggie Daniels

I went to high school with Maggie Daniels.  She graduated a year ahead of me, but we had several electives together.  I didn’t know her well.  But I did know her to be a bright and caring person.  She graduated college the same year as me, and went into teaching the same year as me.  As a part of her community, and as a fellow educator, I want answers and justice.  Very little information on the case is being released.  I believe the police are working hard on this, and I believe the tight lip policy is best for finding out what happened at this point.  My heart goes out to her family, friends, students’, and co-workers.  

For those unaware, family and friends are collecting money to help cover funeral and travel expenses for her family as well as make a donation to the high school where Maggie was a school counselor (she had previously been a teacher in the same district).  If you are so moved to make a donation in Maggie’s honor, you can do so here.

But that’s not what the purpose of this post is.  I want to acknowledge Maggie on here — her efforts as an educator and her growth as a person.  I want to recognize the ripples her life made in the lives of the students that she touched —- ripples she likely didn’t know about, just like most of us in #education don’t know about.  Maggie’s facebook page and twitter accounts are full of Maggie expressing her love and appreciation for her friends and family.  If there is any comfort in all this, it is that everyone important in her life knew that they were important.  So in honor of Maggie, I’d like to ask you to make an effort to tell/show someone you love how important they are to you — especially if it is someone you don’t tell often enough.

laurissawilson replied to your post “My grandmother is getting pretty up their in age.  Health-wise, she…”

So make sure it tastes perfect. Dont worry about calories, forget you diet and really put your heart and soul into this pulled pork. Don’t beat yourself up for tasting it. Heck, eat a whole pound! Its food, with loved ones. Enjoy it 100%

I appreciate the sentiment Lauri, I do.  And normally, I’d join right on that wagon.  However, the whole point of Phase 1 of this diet (which only lasts 2 weeks) is to reset your body’s blood sugar and cravings for sugar.  This is especially important for me because I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which makes me feel hungry all the time AND makes me crave sugar because I am very resistant to insulin.  Tomorrow will be day 6, and making it this far has been hard for me as far as temptations go.  I know myself and if I give in once it almost turns into, “Oh what the heck I’ll eat 5 more and start over tomorrow.”  And, I really don’t want to do 6 extra days of Phase 1.   So, I’m counting myself out on this and I plan on making it again while I’m home during Phase 2.   Phase 2 I’m going to allow myself one cheat day a week with the choice of 2 small cheats or one medium/slightly large one.  So on that day, I’ll have the pulled pork, but without the bread I can’t have.

I really appreciate everyone’s support and cheering me on throughout this. Means more than I thought it would since when my family cheers me on I just feel fat.

My grandmother is getting pretty up their in age.  Health-wise, she has survived heart disease and breast cancer.  However, she seems to be getting sick and hospitalized every 2-3 months now.  Family stress combined with her health has really eliminated her appetite.

Joe Schmoe can’t think of anything more delicious to eat than my pulled pork.  So he asked me to make a whole thing of it for my grandma to eat tomorrow and then freeze into individual servings because it reheats so well.

Obviously, I am glad to do it.  Anything for my grandma.  But my parents sure are making this dieting thing rough on me with eating foods in front of me that I can’t have and asking me to cook things I can’t eat.

Lucky for mom, she’ll get to be my taste tester tomorrow since I usually taste as I cook to determine if it a needs a little more of this or a little more of that.


My car was broken into.  Not sure how, there were no signs of forced entry and I always lock my car and put the alarm on.

Taken: 3 gift cards, a small amount of cash, and my ability to sleep well at night.

Dumped:  All my teaching bags and the bag I use for car garbage.

My neighbors cars were also broken into — probably about 6-10 of them.  Not sure where the count is now.   The police came and took my info.  There’s no chance of getting any of it back.  They seemed well-aware of the problem and I think its possible that other streets were hit as well.

I moved all my stuff that was in the garage from the flood (insurance said not to toss it yet) to the back porch and to my neighbors garage (they are gone for the season) so that I can go back to parking my car in the garage like I did before the flood.

THANK GOD I love my class so much this year.  They work so hard and are so sweet.  This school year has sucked as far as personal stuff has gone.

I’m very grateful I did not leave anything expensive (besides gift cards) in the car.  It could have been a lot worse considering what I usually forget to bring in.

Thanks for those of you that expressed your concern.   It did make me feel better this morning when I was shook up over someone going through my stuff on my property.

Contracts and teenagers

My mom told me today that she had learned from a tv show (or speaker or parenting book, not sure) that when making agreements with teenagers you should have it written down and signed, like a contract.

Apparently, she tried this with me.  I refused because a) I was angry at the time and b) I told her I didn’t sign contracts without having my lawyer look over them.   She said, then fine then you don’t get — whatever it was that I wanted.  So, I took the pen and signed it.

I signed it with the name Daffy Duck.

Pretty sure I got that idea from tv.

Dearest Tumblr, I've never come to you with a greater need before. My friend needs a lung and heart transplant, and the medical expenses are in no way entirely covered by insurance.

I have known Sal Pulito since I was in the third grade.  His sister, Aurora, has been best friends with my sister since they were in Kindergarten.  Sal was born with Pulmonary Atresia, which means that there is a lack of blood flow to his lungs.  It has become a life and death situation for him.  Sal is one of the most kind-hearted people I have ever met.  He is probably the only one that understand the difficulty of dealing with the antics of “Salt and Pepper” as our sisters called themselves.  

His insurance covers a very small percentage of the medical costs, and the deductable that he has to reach first is huge.  Obviously, this explains my passion for the recent Health Care legislation, as I know it has been for many people on tumblr.   But this story is so personal to me, I wish I could paint you a better picture of the Pulito family, but I will do my best below.

Sal’s parents are first generation immigrants from Italy.  They speak Italian and English.  Sal’s dad loves Elvis, and admittedly, looked a little bit like him when we were all younger.   Sal is a phenomenal key board player, and has been in a band that performs at local restaurants and parties.  In recent years, due to his medical condition Sal has had to move back home with his parents.  Sal is a year older than me, and I can only imagine the freedom in addition to the good health Sal is hoping to have with this surgery.   Sal’s older sister Jackie has a spirited daughter who is 12, and Sal is such a good uncle to her.  Nina is the oldest, and for all you Chi-town people I know, she lives in Chicago with her husband and is book sniffer like many of us.   Aurora has a little boy who Sal entertains with his music, and Vinny is adorable when he dances along.   I have to say Sal’s mother is probably my favorite in the family.  Her Italian Flag cookies and homemade spaghetti sauce have been a favorite in our household.  Mrs. Pulito is one of the warmest people you could ever meet, and seems to take you into the family as soon as she meets you.  She wants the best for everyone, and is always there with a hug and a kiss.  

I can only imagine the financial hardship Sal’s condition has added up to over the years.  But, what is stuck in the back of my throat is imagining this family without Sal.   It is my every hope and prayer that all goes well for them.  It would mean a lot to me if you could make a donation, even $1 donations help.  I know money is tight for many, so reblogs are very much appreciated as well.  

Please click the link above to visit his donation page. The Donate Now button is at the top of the screen.