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Resource suggested by The Education Technology Blog. is a reference based search engine that allows you to search education sites, government sites, online books, dictionaries, biographies and more. Think of it as a more user friendly advanced Google search. Simply enter your search terms and choose your source site category from the dropdown menu. It also has some useful links to popular, and reliable, reference sites, conversions sites and calculators.” Launches A Directory Of 12,500 Academic Journals


Now, journal articles aren’t exactly hard to come by on the web. You can always search Google Scholar for whatever you’re looking for, some universities offer their own search tools, and there are plenty of topic-specific sites that can help you find relevant material. The problem, according to founder Richard Price, is that this content and the communities around them are very fragmented. So built a directory of as many journals as it could find.

The feature is pretty straightforward: head to, and you can browse through over 12,500 journals sorted by topic (here’s a listing of publications related to biology). You can opt to ‘follow’ your favorite publications, and relevant stories will start popping up in your news feed, so you don’t have to worry about looking them up yourself every month. Price also says that this feature ranks journals by how many followers it has, which could be used to gauge how influential (or at least, how popular) a given journal is.

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Fact Monster

Just the facts ma’m.

This website for kids is run by Information Please.  There is a homework center, dictionary, encyclopedia, atlas, and almanac.  Other sections of the site include information about different parts of the world, the United States, science, important people from history, sports, science, authors and books, and math.

This would be a good site to have students look up informations, find definitions, or to introduce different units.