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Rain Forest Maths

A subscription is required, but you can arrange a trial subscription for your school.  When I had a smartboard, I was able to get them to give my school a free year subscription since we had a high number of students who qualified for special education services and free/reduced lunch.  I also gave my account name and password to students so they could practice at home (the few that had computers) or at the library.

Rhyme Rodeo! - Game for kids

This game is perfect for smartboards for younger classes, and excellent for individual computers for grades 2-3.  It introduces kids to different types of rhymes like raps and odes.  It uses words and pictures to complete rhymes, and the sounds and the growling of the mayor when students select the right answer will keep kids interested in this activity all year.

When I had my own class, students literally cheered when I announced they would be playing this game.  It is definitely one to keep in your toolbox.