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"Over the weekend, I was the victim of an attack on Twitter from a woman I had a relationship with in my personal life. I realize and apologize I had used poor judgement in my personal life regarding this relationship. The woman who posted this has reached out to me to apologize."

Adam Kuhn, a longtime chief of staff for Rep. Steve Stivers (R-OH) • Discussing the photo of his, er, uh…assets that was tweeted to his boss by his girlfriend, a porn star named Jennifer Roubenes Allbaugh. Kuhn resigned from his position as a result of the tweet.

PPT says: Here’s the thing. This woman attacked him via social media. While embarrassing for him, yes, I’d have respected his boss a lot more if he stood by him and allowed him to keep the job.

Unlike New York, Some Districts Embrace Social Media – SchoolBook

According to the New York Department of Education’s Web site, students may access the Internet for limited educational purposes. The Department of Education grants access to the Internet for relevant learning activities both in school and at home, for career development, and communication between teachers and students.

Students may use social media networks only for educational and current school activities. Therefore, popular Web sites like Facebook and Tumblr are blocked in New York schools.

Web sites containing what is deemed inappropriate information are often monitored. The New York Department of Education will ban Web sites deemed unsuitable for students.

New York schools do not like the use of electronic devices like cell phones because officials view them as irrelevant to the academic mission of schools.

However, not all educational leaders in other school systems feel the same way. In New Jersey, Eric Sheninger, the principal at New Milford High School in Bergen County, has different views about the use of technology in school.