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P.S. 22 Chorus performs a song written by a Third Grader

Light the Fire 

"People say I can’t do it / I believe I could right now / It’s gonna be you and me to light the fire / Some are born to fight / Some are born to sing / I was born to light the fire."

Way to go P.S. 22 and Dorian!

I use Reciprocal Teaching

with my students that struggle with comprehension.  The basis of this is that good readers question, clarify, predict, and summarize as they read.   They do all four thinking strategies.  I introduce one at a time, and model it before it is turned over to the students.  I have cards given to them with prompts for each strategy.   The program our school use does teach students to use these comprehension strategies — but it only focuses on using one at a time per story.   My students especially need to learn to do all four while they read.  I recently shared my cards with the speech pathologist, along with a journal article about it from The Reading Teacher and she plans on sharing it with a teacher at one of the other schools she works at.  I’ve seen some great success with it this year with my third graders.   Does anyone else use this in their classroom?  Reblog this and share.  I’d like to hear about how it works for you, and if you have any of your own personal twists to it.